Differences Between Services Provided by Skilled Nurses and Home Care Aides

As people enter the last stages of their lives, age-related difficulties often pose serious hurdles to their ability to maintain a high quality of life and safety and live independently in their homes. Thankfully, there are many types of services offered by home health agencies and home care agencies that can help. The first step toward contracting these life-changing services is to decide which type of care is needed, though, which is why this article lays out a few of the key differences between home health care and respite care agencies.

Services Provided

While home health agencies provide medical care, ordinary care services are tailored to help clients around the house. Anyone who needs skilled nursing care, medical tests, administration of medications, or wound care must contract a registered nurse to provide these services.

Often, patients require more than just medical care to continue to live safely at home, though. The skilled nurses who provide at-home medical care do not provide assistance with daily activities like meal preparation, grooming, transportation to appointments and help running errands, or daily companionship. These services must, instead, be contracted through a home care agency.

Paying for Services

Another major difference between ordinary home care and skilled nursing care is the type of payment methods they accept. Health care is covered by Medicare and private insurance programs, while home care is only covered by Medicaid and long-term care insurance should it be specified in the policy. Of course, both these types of at-home service provider also accept private payments.

Combining Services

The services provided by these two different types of at-home care agencies are certainly not mutually exclusive. In fact, the majority of families find they can get the most benefit from contacting both types of agencies. This is because, while home care aides are not able to administer medications and provide medical care, they can substantially lessen the burden of family members helping their loved ones around the house.

Get Started Today

Choosing a home care agency can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Just make sure to find an agency that provides customized services and meets with families first to discuss their unique needs. Home care aides are trained to put safety first and ensure that elderly family members are able to maintain their independence without sacrificing health and happiness.

Learn more about the kind of services offered by experienced and compassionate home care aides online today or call a dedicated local agency to find out more. It can dramatically improve the lives of seniors living at home and those of the family members responsible for providing daily care.